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10 Apartment Dog Breeds Your Landlord Should Love

January 29, 2019

When you move into an apartment, it’s true that your pet options can become limited. You don’t want to disturb your neighbors with excessive barking or keep an active dog cooped up in a small area. Your landlord might have specific policies about which apartment dog breeds are even allowed.

That doesn’t mean a little research can’t help you find a new best friend that’s happy in your rented space — and can pass a landlord’s strict standards. While pet fees (or even bans) are widespread, many landlords are aware that pet ownership is one of the most desirable amenities out there. Some may be willing to cut you some slack if your dog is well-trained, low-maintenance, and generally happy in a smaller space.


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There are many considerations for bringing a dog into your place. Past experiences, training and personality all play a role, so you’ll have to take these factors into account before you take in your new pet. To make it easier, however, we’ve rounded up several apartment dog breeds to start. They are less likely to damage your place and add repair fees to your rent each month, which can make your landlord happy, too.

Here are 10 dog breeds that you — and your landlord — should love, because they fit right into indoor living.

1. Havanese

As a highly accommodating breed from Cuba, Havanese become close friends with their new owners quickly. And when you’re living in a big city, you might feel detached due to the crowds of people around you. But this attentive dog makes exceptional company and remains by your side when you’re at home.

A long-haired but light variety, Havanese are easy to groom and adapt well to apartment life. You can look forward to their playfulness and cheerfulness, but they only need moderate exercise.

2. Russian Toy

With its slight frame and sweet nature, the Russian Toy can be a small but positive addition to your place. Formerly serving as a noble companion to Russian aristocracy, these delicate dogs are well-behaved and social once they’ve had proper training.

They can have long or short fur, but both kinds require simple steps to keep their coats in top shape. Its miniature size and desire for brief but energetic walks make it ready for an urban setting.

3. American Hairless Terrier

Straight from Louisiana, the American Hairless Terrier’s coat poses no risk to your carpet or furniture. Though its skin is thin, its got plenty of confidence and can protect your apartment from potential intruders with its alert attitude. Their personalities are typically curious and loving. If you’ve got allergies, you can stay healthy with this breed, too.


4. Pug

When you’re searching for a fun breed full of personality, pugs are a widespread favorite. Their huge eyes and thick wrinkles give them an expressive air that can create a unique bond. They’re friendly and funny companions for city dwellers, and pugs are more than willing to spend the day with you on the couch.

Help them stay active in your apartment setting, so their stocky frame doesn’t grow too much.


5. Bichon Frise

For a small breed disposed to urban life, a Bichon Frise is an ideal dog. These pups are hypoallergenic, so you won’t have to worry about removing their hair from your apartment’s furniture. Their bright personality is a welcome sight for their owners, and they are ready to do tricks once you’ve trained them. With soft, white fur, you can have a cuddly pet to come home to.


6. Greyhound

Big dog lovers can bring these tall and thin dogs into their apartment for a relaxed playmate. Although this breed is known for its speed, a Greyhound doesn’t need to spend all its time outside. They can settle into a city space fairly well, as they are quiet and gentle animals. Their pointed features are loveable, and Greyhounds are eager to meet new people. You can teach them easily and keep them healthy with little effort.

Keep an eye out for a neighborhood dog park that will let your greyhound run around safely. This is also a great dog if you’re excited to go out for brisk walks around town, as they do need plenty of exercise to stay healthy.


7. Cocker Spaniel

While you may need to leave your Cocker Spaniel at home from time to time due to your busy schedule, they prefer to be your personal lapdog. Hungry for affection, this breed has lots of loyalty to give. Their shiny and wavy coats are perfect for petting, and when they frolic on your walks, their long ears will flop around.

You can enjoy a calm pup, though, which will make your apartment neighbors pleased. When you choose a Cocker Spaniel, you can expect a fast bond to form.


8. French Bulldog

Although this breed has a perpetually grumpy expression, they remain happy and carefree. You can expect moderate shedding with a French Bulldog, and you won’t have to stress about the size of these fairly compact pups — making them a classic staple in lists of apartment dog breeds. Because they’re easy going, you don’t need to have a backyard for these solid dogs to stay content, and they’re not likely to make noises that annoy your neighbors.

Just keep an eye on the climate of your apartment. French Bulldogs are sensitive to both high and low temperatures, so they need a little extra monitoring to be healthy.


9. Yorkshire Terrier

A petite breed with glossy hair, Yorkshire Terriers can fit right into a place with limited square footage. These tiny pets are full of energy and up for regular walks. But you can trust that your apartment won’t be overrun with fur and drool. You don’t have to spend a long time grooming these pretty pups, and they aren’t especially prone to barking.

10. German Spitz

If you’d like a pup that quickly picks up on training, the German Spitz is smart and cooperative. Although it loves to yap at passersby and neighbors, good training can keep this habit in check. It looks similar to a Pomeranian, with an iconic poofy tail and pointy ears.

They are loyal and feisty, but they’re still suited for sticking around the apartment. With little required maintenance, you only need to keep their fur untangled.

Your Pick of Apartment Dog Breeds

When you only have so much space to live in, adding a pet to your life can be a significant decision. However, with calm dogs who are easy to maintain, you can introduce a furry friend to your apartment with confidence. You and your landlord won’t be stressed out about their habits and the impact on your place if you’re proactive about researching low-maintenance apartment dog breeds.

And no, there’s no need to go purebred, either. The principles described under each of these apartment dog breeds can apply to any adopted dog. When you’re looking to adopt, just make sure you’re aware of your potential buddy’s exercise needs, size and noise levels. It will go a long way in helping you create a happy home for you and your pet.

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