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Basement Bedroom Ideas for the Subterranean Dweller

May 19, 2020

Whether you have a teen, renter or friend living in your lower level — or you want to sleep there yourself — redesigning your basement to accommodate them is a must. Often, this includes coating the walls in a fresh can of paint, adding a few new decor items or even installing a bathroom or kitchen. However you plan to renovate your downstairs space, these basement bedroom ideas should help inspire you. 

Incorporate Clean Lines

Crisp, clean lines lend themselves well to a small basement bedroom. Horizontal and vertical lines like square picture frames, a rectangular headboard and tall bookshelves will give the room a simple and neat feel. 

Pair this simplistic design with earthy tones and a few plants, and you’ll end up with a comfortable, chic vibe. Natural, warm light will complete the look and create a cozy, rustic room that almost any homeowner would love. 

Bring In the Light 

If your basement is lacking windows, bring in the light by incorporating bright, airy colors. White walls with pops of bright yellows, oranges or even greens and overhead lights will help give the room a lively feeling. 

You might also opt for creamy colors to create a warm and cozy feel. Bring in some brightly-colored plants or flowers from the garden to add to the whimsical, outdoorsy vibe.

Make It Dark and Classy 

Alternatively, choose to embrace the darkness and create an intriguing, classy space by painting all the walls inky black. Accent with pops of white or one or two other colors for a signature look that’ll never go out of style. Play with lines, metallics, wood and fun light fixtures. 

If you’re unsure of painting everything black, simply coat one wall in a darker shade, opt to paint the trim around the edges of the room white, or go for a gray interior instead. 

Combine All the Colors

Another great tactic for basement bedroom ideas is to combine colors. Odds are the basement bedroom is the only room down there, which means it doesn’t have to match the rest of the house if you don’t want it to. Therefore, feel free to go wild with the colors, the brighter, the better. Rainbows and unicorns are fair game, and crazy patterns are always an option. This wild mix of colors, textures and patterns will help create a retro hideaway that’ll make you forget you’re underground. 

Design an Attractive Staircase 

In addition to color schemes and overall design, you can also update the basement bedroom space by giving the staircase a facelift. Add a banister if there isn’t one already and incorporate natural woods or other materials that match the theme of the room. 

You could even lay down a carpet runner to keep your feet toasty or paint each step a run color — this is especially fun if you’ve opted for the rainbow color scheme. 

Add a Kitchen or Bathroom

To further create a private space for you or your renters, consider adding a bathroom or a kitchen to the basement space. Think of who might live down there, then remodel to accommodate their potential needs. 

Traditional basements are often remembered as dark and musty, but a modern foundation can help you more easily incorporate these additional features. If you want to use your basement as a bedroom, it’s best to evaluate your basement’s insulation and ability to prevent moisture buildup. Then, you will be in a better position to determine whether a kitchen or bathroom addition will make sense in the space.

Fortunately, this step has a solid rate of return. This step will both increase the likelihood of a tenant choosing your basement as their new abode and increase the value of your home. In the U.S., a finished basement can even give you a return of 70% to 75% on your investment.

Install a Door or Window

While adding doors or windows to your basement may be a bit on the costly side, it’s especially worth it if you’re renting out your basement or can’t live without some natural light. Plus, you and your guests will be able to open them up and let in the breeze during the warmer months. If you install a door, renters, residents and guests alike will be happy to have their own private entrance and exit into their space. 

Keep Your Basement Bedroom Simple

When it comes to basement bedroom ideas, it’s best to keep things simple. Since downstairs spaces tend to be on the smaller side, taking a minimalistic approach is key. Adding too many decorations or unnecessary furniture items will take up precious floor and breathing space and make it feel cramped. 

Remember to keep it simple, and don’t forget to have some fun creating a brand new space that’s worthy of both sleeping and living. 

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