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How To Modernize Your Home Design

January 2, 2019

One of the best parts of owning a home is decorating it. You have the freedom to beautify your living space any way you wish, whether your approach is conservative or bold. There’s nothing like living in a place that feels like your own, and learning how to modernize your home can help you create the perfect clean aesthetic.

It never hurts to have a little help when planning improvements. If you want to update your home’s interior with a contemporary look, you’ll need an idea of where to start. Here are a few fun suggestions to help you learn how to modernize your home.


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Take your living space from traditional to trendy with these five guidelines:

1. Blacks, Whites & Neutrals

You’ll often find blacks, whites and neutrals in modern homes, and they each serve an essential purpose in coordinating the space. With black, you can ground and define a room, and neutrals allow you to create a backdrop for bold accessories. You might think this palette is drab, but it often has bright and vivid accents that provide an attractive contrast.

There are other rules to follow when painting a room in a contemporary style, and it’s critical you know the basics before you begin. If you paint a wall in a bright color, you should use neutrals everywhere else, and if you choose pastels, paint the trim in neutral tones as well. It’s about balance.

2. Geometric Furniture

Depending on the architectural style of your home — Tudor, colonial, Victorian — you may feel somewhat hesitant to consider geometric furniture. If a guest sees your house from the outside and walks through the front door into a dissonant interior, you might worry that it makes a poor impression. That is a reasonable concern, of course, but remember that you have no shortage of options as you browse.

Your furniture can work with other elements within the space to create a cohesive look and feel. As long as you go basic, bare and structural with your choices, the smooth geometric shapes will complement the rest of your design and add to the dynamic you’re working toward.

3. Clean, Open Space

Take a long, hard look at the space you intend to change and see what decor you could do without. Clutter is the enemy of contemporary design, and the more knickknacks, baubles and frivolous items you have in your room, the older it’ll feel. Even after you’ve cleared your home and stored your extra junk in the basement, you should remain on a decluttering routine.

You should also try rearranging your furniture every once in a while. Take advantage of natural light and find out what type of space works best for you. This will keep an open design from feeling stale over time.

A modern home is spacious and free of unnecessary embellishment. In this regard, a minimalist mindset doesn’t hurt, but be careful not to let it compromise your comfort. The best space for you will create a balance between your desired aesthetics and the comfort you look for in a home.

4. Subtle Lighting

You have a broad spectrum of options when choosing lighting for your contemporary space. You can use light to incredible effect in framing pieces of art like paintings, posters, print or sculptures. Tasteful spotlights can draw a visitor’s attention to something you’d like them to notice. Or, for a wash effect, track lighting and recessed lighting can cover an entire wall.

As for the fixtures for these lights, use metallic elements that agree with the modern feel of the rest of the room. You can choose colored fixtures if you think they’ll work well within the space, but refer to item one on this list concerning blacks, whites and neutrals. Coordination is crucial.

5. Sleek Materials

If you’re pursuing a small-scale change, like switching out the decor in your rooms, you should replace the items with glass and stainless steel alternatives. If you’re pursuing a large-scale change, like renovating your kitchen, you should select these same materials, implementing glass and stainless steel into your design. Their sheen and polish blend seamlessly with a contemporary space.

You’ll also find natural fabrics like wool, linen, cotton and silk have textural appeal within a modern room. For wood, maple and birch are never out of place. When searching for a piece of furniture or decor, the material matters. You should take special care to purchase something which will fit.

How To Modernize Your Home

It’s always exciting to begin a new project, and you can use this article as a reference moving forward. In learning how to modernize your home, you’ve taken the first step. Now take the next!

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