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How to Make Your House Look Nice on a Budget

August 29, 2019
how to make your house look nice on a budget

Whether you’ve recently moved or needed a revamp, you’re here because you’re decorating your home. Awesome! Now how do you accomplish the goal without a wealth of funds to pull from? First, breathe and relax — you have numerous options that will allow you to make your house look nice on a budget. You don’t need to break the break to achieve the aesthetic of your dreams, and decorating doesn’t require more than some careful planning and dedication to the craft.

A charming home is only a few steps away. Explore this guide to get started.


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1. Devise a Plan

Research! It’s great to have a vision for your home, but it’s even better to put that vision on paper. Create a list of all the improvements you want to make for each room, including flooring, walls and decor. Decide how much you’re able to spend on each task. You may be willing to splurge on a couch but don’t mind a cheap dining table. Once you have the individual rooms mapped out, you can see if their themes fit cohesively or if you’ll need to adjust your plans.

You can also approach planning by creating categories for the entire house rather than single rooms, though this process may take some extra imagination. You may find it helpful to arrange each task by order of importance and set a timeline for accomplishing them.

After making the proper adjustments, compare prices through catalogs and websites, and estimate what will cost you less. Weigh all your options — you don’t want to pay $150 for a set of dining chairs when you can buy them for $75 somewhere else. And before you order anything, take measurements of your space. You need to know if your additions will fit beforehand so that you don’t waste money.

foyer design

2. Start With the Entryway

Your entryway is the first thing guests see when they step into your home, so make it worth their while. You can invest in entryway seating like chairs or a bench, or build your own from reclaimed wood. The great thing about foyer furniture is that it can double as storage space. A home addition that’s both useful and visually pleasing always proves itself worth the money.

Most people use their foyers for storing umbrellas, coats and shoes, but you need to keep the walkway clear too. Floating storage like shelves and hooks are out of the way and uncomplicated to install. Paint them to match your interior walls or to provide an accent color in a sea of monochrome.

how to make your house look nice on a budget

3. Crank up the Color

Want a cheap way to liven up your space? Incorporate some color. It’s one of the easiest methods of making a house look nice when you’re strapped for cash. Search Pinterest for inspirational room schemes, or head to a local hardware store to check out their color palettes.

If you don’t plan on painting the interior all one color, choose colors that complement each other. A colorful home loses its appeal when every hue clashes. If you want bright decor, keep your walls neutral — whether dark or light — to make the colors pop.

If you don’t want to paint the walls, use accessories to your advantage. Buy rugs and throw pillows, or hit up a craft store for inexpensive centerpieces, statues or fake plants.

4. Go the Secondhand Route

Thrift stores, flea markets and yard sales are hidden gems in the world of budgeted home decorating. Some worry about the quality or structural integrity of secondhand goods, but you’ll find many pieces in great condition with a delightfully vintage look to boot. Excellent thrift items to invest in include tables, chairs, dressers and light fixtures. You may not realize how much you spend on these products until you buy them at lower prices.

If you’re not a fan of the rustic style, however, it doesn’t take much effort to switch up an item’s appearance. Outdated chair fabrics are surprisingly straightforward to reupholster, and you can spray paint light fixtures or vases with a fresh, modern color.

Keep in mind that quality is the defining factor when it comes to buying from secondhand shops. You may choose a piece more attractive than all the rest, then watch it fall apart within a year or two.

5. Create DIY Projects

Spice up your house while sticking to your budget by creating your own decor. The medium you choose depends on your tastes, but some ideas include painting or drawing wall art, sculpting figures and collecting rocks and crystals for display.

Homeowners typically characterize decor as being purposeless other than adorning a space, but pretty and functional pieces are essential to a budget. Use old mason jars or narrow-neck bottles as vases, or construct a bold bookshelf with crates or wooden pallets.

make your home look nice on a budget

6. Don’t Be Afraid to Dial Back

If you see something you can’t go without but also can’t afford, save up for it until you can comfortably buy it. Extending your plan will help with decision-making — many homeowners do slow decorating with new houses or fixer-uppers. You won’t have a cozy home in the blink of an eye, but playing the waiting game can pay off. You’ll have more time to think about how you want your house to look and change strategies if need be.

Avoid splurging on items you won’t carry over to your next home, like wallpaper and window coverings. Similarly, don’t buy a ton of furniture to fit the size of your home. These pieces may be too big or small in the next place you occupy.

how to make your house look nice on a budget

How to Make Your House Look Nice on a Budget

Did you ever imagine it could be so simple to make your house look nice on a budget? Take some of these ideas with you on your home decorating venture. They’ll save you money and make your shopping trips stress-free.

how to make your house look nice on a budget

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