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Necessities When Moving Into a New Apartment

July 23, 2019

Your first apartment marks an important milestone in your journey toward true independence. Once you sign the lease, you’re responsible for rent payments, groceries and all the other minutia of adulthood. It’s all too easy to miss the tiny details when you’re making the transition — forgetting things you’ll need for your new lifestyle.

You’ll have to account for a long list of necessities when moving into a new apartment. You’ve covered the basics, of course, packing your clothes, toothbrush, furniture and so on… nothing seems missing. But on closer inspection you’ll likely find you’ve left behind a few items which are crucial to your comfort as you settle in.

So what do you need when moving into a new apartment? Which essentials are easy to overlook but almost impossible to live without? We’ll walk you through everything you need to know, touching on 10 high-priority items you need to remember before you pack your bags and take off for your new place.

1. Cookware

If you were living with your parents, or with a roommate at college, it’s all too easy to underestimate the value of a new cookware set. After all, you haven’t had to cook very much, and if you did, you were sharing the space with another person. Your future living situation is far from what you’re used to, however, and you’ll have to cook for yourself more often if you’re planning to save.

2. Trash Bags

The cardboard, plastic and miscellaneous debris left over from a move can overwhelm you if you’re unprepared. You’ll need a place to throw away all the waste from the unpacking process, and you can’t carry it in your arms down the dumpster. Trash bags are a far better alternative which will save you a significant amount of time, useful throughout the move and for many months afterward.

3. Toilet Paper

How obvious, right? But we’ve all been there — it’s a toiletry we all rely on but that’s all too easy to forget. Clearly, toilet paper is among the most important necessities when moving into a new apartment, so make sure you bring a few rolls with you before you run out for the massive value pack.

4. Lightbulbs

Imagine this: You’re lying on your bed in the middle of the night and need to visit the bathroom, but unfortunately, the lightbulb is dead. You’re stuck in the dark, trying to navigate an unfamiliar apartment as you fumble around for another switch. A pack of LED bulbs will prevent these types of incidents, a particularly smart investment if your place-to-be has outdated incandescent bulbs.

5. Nightlight

On the subject of lightbulbs, you might want to invest in a set of nightlights to prevent any accidents when traversing your apartment. You’ll have a clear sense of where you’re heading as you walk between rooms, a small luxury that most people find preferable to turning on the lights. You won’t have to deal with the discomfort of a sudden flash as you make your way to the bathroom or kitchen.

6. Cleaning Supplies

Your landlord should deep clean your new apartment, but it’s likely to have a layer of dust when you move in. Plan ahead by packing a few basic cleaning supplies, including an all-purpose cleaner, some wipes or paper towels and dish soap to help you clean up after your first few meals. A broom or vacuum will also come in handy while you’re setting up your new place.

7. Batteries

After a long day of moving, you’ll likely want to relax on your couch and listen to music, maybe watch TV. As you lift the remote you realize you’ve forgotten the batteries — or bought the batteries but neglected to purchase the right type of batteries. It’s a common mistake among new tenants, and one you can easily avoid with a quick trip to your local CVS or department store.

8. Extension Cords or Power Strips

Along with batteries, these power options will help you get your electronics set up right away. Experts recommend power strips, which have the option to switch off power and cut down on vampire energy usage when you’re not home. Power strips become important necessities when moving into a new apartment if the property has poorly placed power outlets.

9. First-Aid Kit

The moving process is physically demanding, and you’ll probably have to haul boxes and furniture upstairs if you don’t hire outside help. All that lifting can wear you out, and even if you’re careful, you’ll likely end up with a few cuts and bruises. A first-aid kit is one of the top must-have items when moving into your own place, whether you’re disinfecting a small scratch or helping someone else.

10. Storage Options

You may find you have more items than storage space when you’re putting away your things. It’s an inconvenient surprise, and there isn’t a lot you can do about it outside of cramming your belongings in your closet. You’ll keep your room under control with under-the-bed bins, hanging shoe organizers and other options for storage which take full advantage of your available space.

11. Screwdrivers

A toolkit is a common item to pack for a new apartment, but what about the contents of that toolkit? You should make sure you’re bringing both a flat-head and Phillips screwdriver with you to prepare for any DIY scenarios. These tools are doubly important if you’re planning to assemble furniture you’ve ordered to your new place, ranking high on the checklist for first-time tenants.

12. Razor

Starting a new job in a new town is exciting. You want to make a good first impression on your co-workers, but unfortunately, you’ve forgotten your razor at home and it’s too late to run to the store. This hypothetical may or may not seem relevant, but the point remains the same: if you keep your razor separate from your toothbrush and other toiletries, you might forget to take it along.

13. Extension Cords

Outlets aren’t always in the most convenient location, and you may have to improvise when you’re charging your phone or laptop. If you own electronic devices you know you’ll need to hook up, bring an extension cord and a power strip along — essential items for your move. You’ll see just how incredibly useful they are when you’re attempting to stretch a cable across the room to an area you need to reach.

14. Mattress

Sure, you can probably swing sleeping on the floor for a few days, but you’re not getting any younger. A mattress is going to be crucial for your furnishing needs early on, so make sure you stop by a mattress store or order online ahead of time to ensure timely delivery. While less important, a nice bed frame can do wonders for your bedroom’s home decor and hide some of your stray moving boxes, too.

15. Hangers

You won’t be able to set up your new closet if you can’t hang your clothes. Get those suitcases emptied out in no time by bringing plenty of hangers. If you’re running low, invest in a few nice sets of cloth hangers to make sure your clothes never slip off into the abyss. This will get your organization plans off to a running start.


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15 Necessities When Moving Into a New Apartment

Your first apartment marks an important milestone, and you want to take the next step feeling positive about your future. Just remember to bring the top 10 necessities when moving into a new apartment and continue with confidence.

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