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Where to Buy Cheap Furniture That Lasts

March 31, 2020

Are you looking to remodel your home? If you’ve scoured the Sunday circulars, you know that new furnishings can cost a pretty penny — even when they’re on sale. If you have to decorate more than one room, or you’re on a tight budget, do you throw up your hands in despair? Instead of that, most people will find where they can buy cheap furniture that lasts. 

You don’t have to wait to start your project until you win the lottery. Instead, you can find well-made, inexpensive furniture in several ways. The wonders of technology enable you to see what your neighbors have listed for sale — without wasting gas on Saturday mornings. You can also find non-traditional retailers that carry goods for a fraction of the original asking price. 

1. Facebook Marketplace

If you want to know where to buy cheap furniture, social media is an ideal start. Facebook Marketplace enables you to search sale listings for anything from a new couch to an RV. Plus, they organize everything by zip code, meaning you can sort items to show those closest to you. You can even establish notifications to get alerts when something matching your description hits the list.  

As with any online purchase, caveat emptor is the rule of the day. You’re responsible for checking whether or not an item made a recall list. Additionally, it’s smart to avoid sending cash through wire services, as you may never receive your item. Services like PayPal offer superior protection. 

2. Craigslist 

Despite the Backpage scandal that indirectly led to the shutdown of this page’s personal section, you can still find items for sale near you. Indeed, many critics feel that the quality of the site improved significantly after the changes. 

Unlike Facebook Marketplace, you don’t have to use Messenger to communicate with the seller. Instead, they provide their preferred contact method and a map showing their location. 

Since you don’t know the individual you’re doing business with, take measures to protect your safety. Always meet in a public place, never at the buyer’s home — even for bulky items. You can always arrange to meet at a nearby coffee shop. Take a buddy with you when you make the pickup, too. 

3. Antique Stores  

Do you want furniture that has withstood the test of time? Why not go antiquing and find some that already has? Secondhand shops offer quality goods at estate-sale prices. Some towns are known for shops that bring in treasure hunters from around the country. This approach works best if you’re decorating in a retro style, but you can sleep contentedly knowing that your purchases will last. 

4. Habitat ReStore 

Habitat for Humanity funds part of its charitable endeavors through its ReStore stores. They accept donations of gently used goods and restore their luster, then sell them to the public at a fraction of the price retailers charge. 

You deserve — and get — a double-dose of do-good oxytocin from such a purchase. Since the goods come from local donations, they reduce the need for long-distance shipping and cut your carbon footprint. 

5. Thrift Shops 

Macklemore was onto something. If your home needs a new look, why not pop some tags? You don’t have to buy somebody’s grandma’s coat, but her couch might match your living room decor perfectly. If you don’t like the musty, thrift-shop aroma, you can use baking soda as a non-toxic odor absorber. 

6. eBay 

Buying on eBay used to entail some risk, but if you use PayPal, you can protect your purchases. PayPal offers a specific protocol for resolving disputes, so if you don’t receive your item, you can get your money back. 

You can also send funds internationally, something that may come in handy if you live in Yuma, AZ, and want to buy goods from neighboring Mexico. 

7. OfferUp 

OfferUp has made considerable headlines lately as a hotbed for where to find cheap furniture and other items. While they don’t directly reimburse you if a deal sours, they use technology to verify sellers. 

The site charges a 7.9% fee on all transactions, so you know the seller receives the majority of the payment for each item. 

8. Bonanza 

Bonanza works much like eBay in that you can pay a set price for some items and bid on others. Instead of waiting for a seller to respond to your email, the built-in chat allows you to see when they’re online and talk in real-time. It’s a great place to buy cheap furniture in a quick and easy manner.

9. Yard Sales

You can still find furnishings at yard sales but exercise caution. You don’t want to bring home bed bugs along with your purchase. It’s best to stick with hard items, such as tables, which are far less likely to harbor pests. 

If you must purchase upholstered goods — perhaps to score a to-die-for bargain — inspect the item thoroughly. Shine a bright flashlight in all cracks and look for small, black dots. 

Beautify Your Home With Inexpensive Furnishings 

Now that you know where to buy cheap furniture, why are you still on your old couch? Beautify your home the inexpensive way! 

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